Estate Planning / Wealth Protection

The attorneys at AHR know all too well the importance of estate planning—the wealth it has taken a client a lifetime to build is too valuable to overlook when planning for the future.

With that in mind, each AHR suburban Chicago estate planning attorney can help clients put in place exactly what will happen to their assets when they die, so they can have total control over how that wealth is distributed.

A west suburban Chicago estate planning lawyer is by a client’s side throughout estate planning and the various decisions involved with it, from simple wills and trusts to trust administration and special needs trusts. Through the support of paralegals and other personnel at the firm, as well as the good relationships with financial planners and insurance agents in the area, AHR helps clients create a framework for accomplishing their goals. What’s more, AHR lawyers work to eliminate or otherwise minimize the amount of estate taxes due upon death.

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