Automobile, Motorcyle & Truck Accidents

Each year millions of people are involved in some type of motor vehicle accident, whether while driving a car or motorcycle, being a passenger in a motor vehicle or as a pedestrian. Some accidents are minor while others result in death to the driver or passenger of the vehicle. In today’s world of distracted driving with the proliferation of smart-phones and multi-tasking, the lawyers at AHR know how to protect the rights of those injured in motor vehicle accidents.

The negligence of a driver can cost a victim his or her life or livelihood.  It can forever alter a person’s path in life in a split second.  The attorneys at AHR promptly investigate, strategize and litigate our clients’ cases and aggressively pursue recoveries for them.
Sometimes injuries occur due to the willful and wanton behavior of a drunk driver.  Each year countless people are injured or killed due to drunk drivers.  DUI accidents are often the most serious accidents resulting in catastrophic injuries to the victims, even death.  The attorneys at AHR have extensive experience in drunk driving cases and pursue all responsible parties, including the driver and if appropriate, the bar, restaurant or business where the responsible party was drinking under Illinois Dram Shop laws.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a motor vehicle accident, the lawyers at AHR have the experience and dedication to help you recover for your injuries.  Our attorneys have settled cases for thousands of clients over the years.  When a case cannot be settled, the team of attorneys at AHR is not afraid to go to trial to secure a fair and full recovery for our clients.  We aggressively pursue a case to verdict to make sure the responsible parties are held accountable and that the victim’s rights are protected.  We treat every client with respect and compassion and are committed to supporting the needs of our clients.

Today most drivers have insurance and it is the insurance company that provides the compensation for the injured party.  While people often try to negotiate with insurance companies it is important to remember that insurance companies have teams of attorneys working for them and so should you as an injured party.

All personal injury and workers’ compensation cases are handled on a contingent fee basis and consultations are free.  No money is owed by the client unless the attorneys at Ariano Hardy Ritt make a recovery for the client.  The attorneys at AHR are experienced trial attorneys ready to pursue a fair and full recovery for our clients.