Premises Liability

Each and every day people spend a majority of the day outside of their home.  Whether at work, shopping or community events, we are faced with unknown hazards on a daily basis.  Many of these are preventable.  Premises liability refers to accidents that happen on another’s property due to unsafe conditions caused by the owner or due to a failure to warn of the dangers existing on the property. 


There are different types of causes of injuries at a premises, such as slip and fall injuries, dog bites, stairwell falls, collapsing structures and falling debris to name a few.  The injuries resulting from these causes can be permanent and life changing.

Failure to properly remove snow and ice, improper design of drainage systems to remove rain and snow, failure to clean up spills in stores and uneven/broken pavement are but a few examples of cases handled by the experienced attorneys at AHR.
Broken bones, muscle tissue and back and neck injuries are but a few.  Disfigurement due to an animal bite or scars from injuries can last a lifetime. 

The attorneys at Ariano Hardy Ritt are ready to put their experience to work to pursue a full and fair recovery for our clients that take into account the permanent nature of the injuries sustained.

All personal injury and workers’ compensation cases are handled on a contingent fee basis and consultations are free.  No money is owed by the client unless the attorneys at Ariano Hardy Ritt make a recovery for the client.  The attorneys at AHR are experienced trial attorneys ready to pursue a fair and full recovery for our clients.