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South Elgin Workers' Comp LawyerThe Chicago area is a complex and ever-growing network of transportation, industry, commerce, education, and daily life. Whether driving up Lake Shore Drive, down 90/94, or west on 290, one can only marvel at size and scope of the area. While the city’s skyline might appear to magically expand, building by building and floor by floor, such development is, of course, the product of the labor of the city’s workers. 

The same is true of Chicago area roads and bridges. In a city that is pummeled by winter weather for much longer than the season’s official three months, near constant upkeep of this infrastructure is required. This responsibility again falls to Illinois workers. 

Because the construction and maintenance of Chicagoland’s buildings, transportation grid, and utilities occurs amidst the near infinite moving parts and people of daily life, work-related accidents and injuries are bound to happen. Fortunately for Illinois workers, the state has a “no-fault” statute with regard to work-related injuries. This law that can make all the difference in obtaining the compensation you need and deserve after suffering a work-related injury.  


What to Do After a Kane County Hit-and-Run Accident

Automobile accidents can cause a great deal of physical and emotional difficulty, and hit-and-run accidents are particularly devastating. Besides being potentially injured and understandably shaken, victims in such situations may feel a sense of hopelessness or dread. How will they ever repair their vehicle? Who will cover their medical expenses? Should they call the police? Each situation is different, but victims in these cases can take the following steps to protect themselves and obtain the care they need while pursuing compensation for their damages.

At the Scene of the Accident

If you have been injured and are left at the scene of an accident, you may need to call emergency responders to the scene. Should this be necessary, law enforcement is likely to show up to the scene as well, and you will be able to make a report to them once you have been examined by a qualified medical professional. If, on the other hand, you were uninjured, you may call the police to report the accident.


Examining the Recent Changes to Illinois Child Support Laws

Historically, Illinois has used a straightforward calculation to determine the amount of child support that a non-custodial parent must pay to a custodial parent, basing the amount of support payments on a percentage of the paying parent’s income. That all changed in July of 2017, when a change to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act went into effect. The new law can have a major impact on your Kane County child support case.

A Closer Look at the New Income Shares Model

The previous method of calculating child support obligations was unfortunately not always an effective model. The actual costs of raising a child were not considered, nor was parenting time or the receiving parent’s income. The new model takes all these factors into account. Spousal support, which may be awarded in some divorce cases, is also factored in, whenever applicable.

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